Bernard Carolan - Professional Wedding Photographer

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life.

You are both celebrating your love for each other in front of your family and friends.

When couples come to see me after their big day is over I ask them the same question . . .

"How much can you remember of your wedding day ?"

Nearly all of them say things like...

" . . . The day moved very Fast . . ."
" . . . What parts did we miss . . ."
" . . . Did you capture all of our amazing moments . . ."

I’ve worked as a wedding photographer in Ireland for the past 20 years and I too asked these questions recently when I married my beautiful wife Suzi in Dublin Ireland.
There’s a lot of time, emotion and planning that goes into a wedding before and on the day. That’s why it’s important to hire the professional services of people that understand the functions of the day and the wedding industry.

As a professional wedding photographer, I am discreet and will capture all of your precious moments.

I move fast
I don’t miss anything
We capture the day in full​

Important images like . . .

Your Dress, Your Vows, Your Speeches, Your First Kiss

and lots more.

A wedding photographer has to remember that your photography is a family affair, what I mean is, it’s not just about capturing your friends having a good time, it goes further. It’s all about getting those images of your close family and close friends that are so important to you. Couples and their families spend countless months, or even years; preparing​ for a Wedding Day . . . and then it’s all over in the blink of an eye. Don’t lose those memories by hiring an amateur photographer.

Why lose those special moments ?

Barney Carolan is a wedding photographer with over 20,000 hours of experience in the photography business.
He is recognised as one of Ireland’s leading wedding reportage photographers.
Originally from Dun Laoghaire; he is now based in Gorey, Co ​Wexford and travels throughout the island of ​Ireland and abroad.
He’s worked in places like Malaysia, South Africa, North and South America and even Doonbeg in Co Clare Ireland : )
On a number of occasions some of the biggest Bridal magazines have requested his photographs for their front covers and special reviews

Bernard Carolan Photography - Family Photograph Gallery

There’s one Momento in our home that’s very special to our family and that’s my parent’s wedding album from Dublin in 1965.
My mother was one of Ireland’s top models in the 1960s.
She made my father hire a professional photographer for their special day.
My father would occasionally say that their wedding photographer cost him a months wages, but was worth it!
Worth it because it was a day they both cherished.

Bernard Carolan Photography - Family Photograph Gallery

"Now my Father has passed away these images from that time are now more important than ever."

People say you really cannot buy experience but you can.

You just have to do your research it’s the Biggest Day of your life and you need to trust the people you have chosen.

This is when you really Do need to choose, the very best.

Having worked Professionally as a Wedding Photographer for the past 20 years, means that Barney Carolan is one of Ireland’s most professional and highly experienced Wedding Photographers.
People recognise this talent and energy, His professional photography records all of your day with the very best of equipment.
He will record those important and special moments which will in time become so valuable and cherished.

Bernard Carolan Photography - Family Photograph Gallery

Real Irish Wedding Photos

Some of wonderful love stories I witnessed and had the chance to capture

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Emma & Tom

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Orla & Jarlath

"We were delighted with the beautifully presented photos that Bernard took of our wedding day. He obviously has a good eye and took shots that our guests did not see."

Emma & Tom

"Thank you Bernard for creating a stylish, informal and beautiful visual record of our wedding day. You really went the extra mile to ensure that the day was captured exactly as we wanted it to be."

Grainne & Ciaran

"We just wanted to thank you for the excellent job you did at our wedding. We had a great day and the pictures capture it perfectly."

Orla & Jarlath
Bernard Carolan Photography - Family Photograph Gallery
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