Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Travel ?

I cover the hole of Ireland and beyond. Weddings from places like South Africa to New York and even the Cliffs Of Moher.
I love to photograph beautiful weddings locally and in exotic locations, whether your getting married in a Dublin hotel or a quiet Irish country house or on a stunning location like Grand Central Station New York, I'm always delighted to capture those special moments for you!

Our Ceremony Is going to be Dark and we don't what you to use flash ?

Photography has changed in the past 20 years the equipment that I photograph with is well capable of recording in low light.
Having the very best in lenses allow Barney to shoot in extremely light-sensitive areas capturing precious memories.

Can you Photograph in the Rain on our Wedding Day ?

Of course I can. Some of the best photography happens in the rain. Rain is not a problem.
All of my equipment is weather-sealed and all you needed to do is grab an umbrella and off we go on an adventure!
You can have four seasons in one day in Ireland and this can create some amazing moods.

bernard carolan wedding photographer frequently asked questions

Should we give the Photographer a list of Photographs ?

Sometimes is the answer . . .
A professional photographer should understand all of the different important organised images needed without asking.
However it is important that a couple mention if there's a grandmother or a young child attending only part of the wedding day.

Do we need more then one photographer ?

Sometimes is the answer . . .
Weddings from different cultures may require the bride and groom to be photographed in the morning in different locations at the same time.
A bride may want the back of her dress photographed from behind at the back of the church as she walks up the aisle.
The wedding might be over a three day period with different events happening at the same time.
Most photographers should be able to handle most weddings on there own or with an assistant.

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